About me

Bre Smith is an American painter and a proud Los Angeles Native who has traveled the world and lived in numerous major cities throughout the United States. She invites viewers to peel back the layers of her work and of themselves, to explore the idyllic notions of an earlier time or the present. The colorful imagery, both graphic and painterly, is dense and coded, mimicking dream sequences. Bre paints in layers — many layers, filled with colors and emotions.

Peel back the layers; feel something, feel nothing, enjoy it, or wonder how she got there. Art is Bre’s way to share a bit of herself with the world and to show gratitude to the universe. Acrylic paints, oil pastels, charcoal mediums, and a variety of musical genres assist in sharing her art. Painting is Bre’s connection to others, and we can never be connected enough.

My Work

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